InnTouch gets some motherly love from AT&T

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If getting picked as a staff favorite by iTunes, or making a cameo appearance in 'There's an App for that' commercials or being featured as a top travel app by Travel & Leisure wasn't enough then surely getting placed in a full page ad in several million Sunday newspapers by AT&T simply validates that InnTouch is one of the top apps in the app store. And why not, it's simple, easy to use and offers such a great product with the bed and breakfasts that are listed. (Note to innkeepers: make sure your bed and breakfast is listed.)

attmothersdayad.jpegThe ad ran one week prior to Mother's Day 2010 and featured several apps that would help you to make sure mom feels loved. Featured in the ad along with InnTouch were apps from, Martha Stewart, Ghirardelli Chocolate, SpaFinder and ZAGAT. The premise behind the ad is that these apps are only available on the iPhone, thus if you don't have an iPhone you are less likely to really make mom feel pampered. Phew, good thing I have an iPhone.

We took a picture of the ad so you can see what AT&T wrote about InnTouch, yes, of course we took the picture with our iPhone. :-)

InnTouch gets Props from Fast Comany

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fmt.GIFThis week in his Fast Company Expert Blog, Robert Buckman highlighted some of the top travel apps that are helping to change the way we use mobile phones. I like to think Robert is a very smart man. InnTouch is included among the apps he lists as 'reshaping travel'. Others apps mentioned include some of the top all time apps including Urbanspoon, Nightstand and WeatherBug. His blog also covers travel apps for Blackberry and Andriod. We are very pleased to be mentioned. Thanks Robert.

Read Robert's Blog

InnTouch Version 1.6

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We are at it again. The newest version of InnTouch is full of new features. Let's review a few of them:
  • You can now suggest inns to add to InnTouch, just let us know your favorites.
  • OS 3.0 now allows us to make the Map and Email support internal to the app. No more app switching, yea!
  • We added French language support.
  • We made several enhancements to improve stability and a few minor bug fixes.
  • Plus, since we know you all love the app, we included a way to let all your friends know about InnTouch. And we really hope you use it. Here is our 'Please' and 'Thank You!' for sharing this great app.
If you can think of a great feature to add to the app, feel free to comment this post.

Travel+Leisure Top iPhone Travel Apps Include InnTouch

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logo_tl2.gifGreat press coverage for InnTouch keeps rolling in. Back in March of 2009 InnTouch was featured in Sunset Magazine and now Travel and Leisure features the bed and breakfast app in their round-up of the Best iPhone Apps for Travelers.

Check out what they had to say about InnTouch:

"Road-trip salvation., the web-based B&B finder, created this app to search for nearby guesthouses based on your GPS location in the U.S. (you can also search by city before you leave home). Tapping a property brings up descriptions, inn-provided photos, price ranges, user reviews, video (for some properties), and those all-important "call" and "e-mail" buttons for contacting the inn directly. American Historic Inns inspects and vets each property, which many Kayak and Travelocity searches consider off the grid. Bonus: there's a section of recipes provided by some of the inns (cinnamon-raisin bread pudding from Grandma's Cottage in Virginia, anyone?)."

Some Bonus Coverage
InnTouch also received some kudos from Britney Wilkins at Online College in her coverage of 100 Awesome iPhone Apps for Culture Snobs. Thanks Britney!

InnTouch makes cameo on iPhone TV Ads

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iphonead.jpgAt first we didn't believe it, InnTouch on the iPhone TV ad? Then we went and saw it for our self. Sure enough the genius of Apple has prevailed and our app is seen in two of the iPhone "There's an App for that" commercials.

First they pick InnTouch for a "Staff Favorite" and now we are on the national commercials, w00t!

We found InnTouch in both the 'Itchy' and 'Office' ads. But watch carefully, these are only cameo's and they go by pretty quick.

On the Itchy commercial watch for the InnTouch logo right after the compass goes away. And watch right after they print the shipping label on the 'Office' commercial. likes Bed and Breakfast app

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Picked up a nice mention on's honeymoon / romantic travel section. They reviewed several 'don't leave home without it' apps. Here is a link to the page where InnTouch is mentioned.

Bed and Breakfast app wins top award

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bronze-awd.gifJust sitting around Googling InnTouch today and I found out that we had won an award from What a cool surprise to find out that we were rated higher then Urbanspoon and Zagat.

Here is a link to the review so you can read it all for yourself.

Demo Video of InnTouch v1.5

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Along with the release of version 1.5 we added a fancy new demo video to the website. We hope you all will enjoy watching the video.

InnTouch Bed and Breakfast Guide for iPhone Video

InnTouch Version 1.5

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Okay, lesson learned. Don't say that your app is 3.0 ready before 3.0 is released. Slight delay in the launch of the version 1.5 due to a...well let's just call it a syntax error.

That's right you can now write a review of your favorite B&B on InnTouch.

Well that's the major feature in this version, we made lots of bug fixes and minor updates to various parts of the app, but adding the ability to write a review is where it's at.

If you haven't noticed you can now order gift certificates from within the app. Gift certificates are good at more than 1,000  B&B's nationwide. Great wedding gifts, graduation gifts, anniversary gifts or any other occasion that crosses your mind. Just pick your iPhone and order one today.

InnTouch Version 1.4

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With the release of the 3.0 SDK for iPhone we started to update the app to be ready for the eventual release of OS 3.0. And, we wanted to add some more features.

We have added settings (found at Settings>InnTouch>) to the app so that you can now select the number of inns that show up in a nearby search. There have also been requests on the App Store reviews to bookmark inns so that you can create a list, perhaps for a road trip or just plain favorites. Well, that's in the app now too. We also made some snazzy changes to the interface that allow you to view the inns website within the app (vs. exiting). We sped up the picture loading again too.

Download the new version, it's getting pretty cool.