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InnTouch Version 1.4

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With the release of the 3.0 SDK for iPhone we started to update the app to be ready for the eventual release of OS 3.0. And, we wanted to add some more features.

We have added settings (found at Settings>InnTouch>) to the app so that you can now select the number of inns that show up in a nearby search. There have also been requests on the App Store reviews to bookmark inns so that you can create a list, perhaps for a road trip or just plain favorites. Well, that's in the app now too. We also made some snazzy changes to the interface that allow you to view the inns website within the app (vs. exiting). We sped up the picture loading again too.

Download the new version, it's getting pretty cool. http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=297629319&mt=8

InnTouch big hit at Bed and Breakfast convention

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IMG_0094a.jpgJust returned from the annual convention for innkeepers and boy was there a buzz in the air about getting mobile. Innkeepers kept us busy all day long with demos of InnTouch and checking out the mobile site (m.iloveinns.com). Several workshops mentioned the app including a mention in one of the general sessions.

I spoke on a panel about adding video to your website and premiered the video playback  capabilities of InnTouch. Having an innkeeper join in and make their appeal verbally know is an amazing boost to converting that viewer into a guest. I wanted to call a couple inns and visit them after viewing the videos.

All said the show was a success for iLoveInns and InnTouch, innkeepers loved the app and loved seeing their inns on the iPhone. Many inns joined iLoveInns just to be part of the mobile future that is coming. They know that this is a platform that will take off and they want to be a part of that and not standing by watching.

I took a photo with my iPhone of Chris and Barbara in our iLoveInns.com booth.

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