InnTouch gets some motherly love from AT&T

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If getting picked as a staff favorite by iTunes, or making a cameo appearance in 'There's an App for that' commercials or being featured as a top travel app by Travel & Leisure wasn't enough then surely getting placed in a full page ad in several million Sunday newspapers by AT&T simply validates that InnTouch is one of the top apps in the app store. And why not, it's simple, easy to use and offers such a great product with the bed and breakfasts that are listed. (Note to innkeepers: make sure your bed and breakfast is listed.)

attmothersdayad.jpegThe ad ran one week prior to Mother's Day 2010 and featured several apps that would help you to make sure mom feels loved. Featured in the ad along with InnTouch were apps from, Martha Stewart, Ghirardelli Chocolate, SpaFinder and ZAGAT. The premise behind the ad is that these apps are only available on the iPhone, thus if you don't have an iPhone you are less likely to really make mom feel pampered. Phew, good thing I have an iPhone.

We took a picture of the ad so you can see what AT&T wrote about InnTouch, yes, of course we took the picture with our iPhone. :-)

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